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Need help?


For the arrival time do I state actual arrival time or do I take into account more time to collect our bags?

You should put the scheduled time. Our driver will be waiting for you one hour free of charge since you flight land (real one, not scheduled). In the case you need some more time you must call us and let us know; the driver only will wait for you if he has availability
Where will I meet the driver at the airport?

Our driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals area holding a board with your name on it.
What happens if I cannot see the driver?

On the very infrequent case that you cannot see our driver, please call us to the phone number provided in your confirmation email.
Will anyone else be travelling in the same vehicle that I book?

No, we just do private transfers, so the vehicle is just for your party.
Am I able to book a transfer with multiple drop offs?

Yes you can, when you select your vehicle above, on your right, you can find arrival extra.
I’ve lost my luggage, will the driver wait for me?

Our driver will wait for you 1 hour since your plane has landed free of charge; after this time, the driver will wait for you if he doesn’t have any other transfer. Subsequent charges will be incurred thereafter.
I want to go on an excursion, Could I book it with you?

Yes you can, please send us an email to with the details of your excursion and we’ll send you a quote.
I book a return transfer and we liked the driver we collect us, Can I have the same driver to go back?

We cannot guarantee this, but send us an email and we will do our best to see if it’s possible.
What kind of seat do I need to book for my son/daughter?

Baby seat are for babies up to 10 Kg, Child seat are for children up to 25 kg and Booster seat are for children up to 36 kg.
What luggage entitlement will I have?

Each person has the right to take one suitcase which must not exceed 70cm x 40cm x 20cm and a holdall. If you have any other kind luggage, let us know and we will tell you if it would fit in your vehicle.
Why should I give you my flight number?

You should give us your flight number to check it and see if there is any delay, if you don’t want to; we can't do anything if you arrive late and there is nobody to collect you.
My flight has been delayed, What should I do?

In case your flight has been delayed within the same day, you can send us an email, we will really appreciate it, if not, don't worry all the flights are monitored and the driver will wait for you. Notice that your transfer will have to be rescheduled and maybe you will have to wait for some time. Unfortunately, if you flight is delayed until a different data, we cannot guarantee to reschedule your transfer, but we will do all our best.
Babies, children and boosters seats are mandatory in Spain?

In Spain, It is prohibited for child under 12 or under 135 centimetres tall to travel without a properly fastened seatbelt and/or child restraint; he/her must use an approved child seat, suitable and appropiate for his/her height and weight. In a vehicle of nine seats or more, is not obliged but is recommended and always must fasten their seatbelts.
We want a driver that knows speak perfectly English or Russian, What should I do?

Most of our drivers know English but not perfectly, if you prefer; send us an email and we will provide one for you. Additional charges may apply.
Which car seat is right for my child?

Baby seat or GROUP 0 is from Birth to 10kg (22lbs). Child seat or GROUPS 1 & 2 is for children from 9 to 25kg (20-55lbs). Booster seat or GROUP 3 is for children from 22 to 36 kg (48 - 79 lbs) and 125cm or taller.
My flight is early What should I do?

All Flights are monitored and we’ll try to be there as soon as possible but you might wait until your scheduled time.
My group size has changed, what can I do?

Inform us as soon as possible and we’ll confirm you if you need to change your vehicle. There is may be an additional charge to pay if you need a larger vehicle.
I have already paid but I didn’t receive my booking confirmation. What should I do?

Once we receive your payment, your confirmation is sent automatically to the email you provided us. Please check your spam or junk folder. If it is not there, please send us an email to with your name, destination and the date of your transfer. We will reply you as soon as possible.
We need to be dropped in two different locations, which one do I need to book?

You should book the farthest location and then add an extra stop, before choosing your vehicle.
I want to change my pick up time, What can I do?

To amend any change, please send us an email to with your new collecting time, and your reference number or call us on 0034 972 837 763(Mon- Fr from 9am to 5pm Sat from 9am to 13pm). Notice any change must be changed before 12:00pm the day before of your transfer , otherwise we will not be able to guarantee it.
I have some questions to make, who should I contact to?

If you have any question, please contact us either by email,; we reply you as soon as possible or call us on 0034 972 837 763 (Mon-Fr from 9am to 5pm Sat from 9am to 1pm)